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Pitch on Australian Anthill Magazine Oct/Nov 2007

USA Tech Guide review

BusinessWeek USA article

Welcome to "Mystique" Yacht Renovation and Redesign

Please read our Wheelchair Accessible Yacht Blog on our project's progress (click here).

Colin is a keen sailor and has competed at State, National and World Championships in his Single Person Liberty Yacht. Colin has been involved with Sailability, Sailing for Everyone and Access Dinghy designs and is also Chairman of the Technical Committe, International Association of Disabled Sailing (IFDS) which is part of ISAF.

Now we want to develop ideas to make keelboats sailing more accessible to wheelchair users and our test bed is an old 25 foot (7.62 metre) Holland Quarter Ton Keelboat named "Mystique".

You can see the line drawings of:

I've also created a Forum for Holland 25 Yacht Owners



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